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Gourmet Potato Skins Recipe

Gourmet Potato Skins        

5 large Idaho potatoes
4 oz. Colby cheese, shredded
2 oz. sour cream, mixed with chives
1/2 oz. margarine
2.5 oz. yellow onions
2.5 oz. bell peppers, diced to 3/8 inch length
2.5 oz. ham, diced to 1/4-inch chunks

Cook potatoes in oven or microwave until firm. Slice in half lengthwise. Scoop out the middle of each potato half, leaving 1/2 inch potato attached to skin. Arrange potato skins around a 10-inch ovenproof plate. Melt margarine in saute pan over medium heat. Saute yellow onions until almost limp. Add peppers and ham. Continue to saute until onions are limp.

Pour into potato skins. Sprinkle cheese evenly over potato skins; place in oven until cheese melts. Serve with sour cream to be used as a dip.

Garnish with a sprig of parsley.

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