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Zesty Snack Puffs Recipe

Zesty Snack Puffs                                                        
Posted by: Tuddles  Mon, 12 Apr 2004, at 6:40 p.m.

1/4 cup reduced-fat mayonnaise
2 tablespoons horseradish mustard
2 teaspoons lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon salt, optional
8 hard-cooked eggs, chopped
1/2 cup shredded carrots
1 package (17.25 ounces) frozen puff pastry, thawed
1 egg, beaten
Carrot leaves, optional


In large bowl, stir together mayonnaise, mustard, lemon juice and salt, if desired, until well blended. Gently stir in eggs and carrots. Set aside. On lightly floured surface, roll 1 sheet of the puff pastry into 15 x 15-inch square. Brush with some of the beaten egg. Cut rolled pastry in half. Place one half of the pastry on 15-1/2 x 12-inch baking sheet. Dollop scant tablespoons of the reserved egg salad mixture onto pastry on sheet in 3lengthwise rows of 5 each, about 1 inch apart. Top with remaining half of rolled pastry. Press outside edges together to seal. Gently, but firmly, press pastry together in lines between dollops of salad. Brush with more of the beaten egg. Cut into squares at centers of pressed lines. Bake in preheated 375F oven until puffed and golden brown, about 30 minutes. Repeat with remaining sheet of puff pastry, egg salad mixture and beaten egg. Garnish with carrot leaves, if desired. If prepared in advance, reheat in preheated 375F oven about 7 to 8 minutes, if desired.

Makes 8 servings of 3 to 4 puffs each

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