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Mom's Swiss Steak Recipe

My Mom's Swiss Steak
2 lbs. Round steak
Garlic salt and pepper, to taste  ( Lawry's is the best )
1 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 large sliced onion
3 cups of water or beef consommé
3 tbs. Worcestershire sauce
1 Can of Mushrooms or can use fresh

Salt and pepper each steak lightly and dredge in the flour. .
With a meat mallet pound flour into the steak. By pounding the steak your not only tenderizing the meat but you are working the flour into the meat which will produce a better gravy.

Heat a heavy 12 inch cast iron skillet or Dutch oven with a tight-fitting lid over medium heat. Add the vegetable oil. Brown the steak on both sides, if there is a lot of oil in the pan drain it off..
Pour the water or consommé over the top of the steak, add Worcestershire sauce, sliced onion and mushrooms. Reduce the heat, use a tight fitting lid and stew the beef until tender adding water if it becomes to dry.

When the steak is done, remove to a serving plate. Make a paste of a little water and flour to thicken the gravy adjust seasonings and serve with mashed potatoes.

Now this is comfort food , I don't care what kind of veggies you have with it as long as you don't forget the mashed potatoes! Course Mom did usually serve it with green beans , fresh with bacon and onion, but I don't care have what you want... LOL

I watched Mom make this a hundred times and have made it about that many times myself. I can do it in my sleep.

Source: Most Wonderful Mother Ione Lambert



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