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Ghostly Greeters Halloween Decorations

Ghostly Greeters                   
What You Need:

Display this family of scary ghosts on your door to greet Trick or Treaters.

Plastic-foam balls: 1-1/2-inch, 4-1/2-inch, and 6-inch
Old white sheet or White fabric
Black-with-white-polka-dots ribbon (1/16-inch- and 15/16-inch-wide)
Large-tip black permanent marking pen
"Groucho" glasses and Spanish moss "hair"
Glue gun and hot-melt adhesive
Fishing  line

Tear sheet or fabric in squares to drape over the plastic-foam balls. Tie a ribbon bow around the "necks." Mark a goofy face on the cover of each ball. If you like, hot-glue "Groucho" glasses and hair onto one head. Use fish line to hang each ghost.
One year we carved a little hole in one of the ghost heads and put in a cigar to go with the Groucho glasses. Use your imagination....................

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