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Build A Scarecrow Game

Divide your back yard into two sections by yellow tape (maybe 2 rooms or a basement if inside). Before your party, get together 2 sets of 6-10 items that can be used to build a scarecrow. Sample items: Hat, corn stalks, jeans, string... Now hide these items in order to make a scarecrow around each half (one side for each team). For small children you may want to play this game during the day and to make the game harder play it at night. When playing at night send out team member with a pumpkin with a pumpkin light or a candle inside), have one person from each team (starting at same time) go on a hunt to find one item. After all items are found, the team has to be creative and construct a scarecrow, using all items. The team that finishes their scarecrow first, wins.

Mummy Wrap

Divide guests into pairs Give each pair a roll of toilet paper. One person wraps the other with the paper, first one to empty their roll wins. Older kids and adults get two rolls, once the first person is wrapped they wrap their partner. Prizes to the first team who empty both rolls.

Halloween - What am I?

For children, pin or tape Halloween-themed pictures on each guest's back without the guest seeing what is on his or her own back. Everyone gives subtle hints to each other and all have to guess who they are (the picture on their back) from the hints. This can be fun for adults, too.

Halloween Bingo
Use Print master , Paint or Paint Shop Pro to create Halloween Bingo. Make a table four rows high and four columns wide. Then put small Halloween graphics in the squares. Randomly place the 16 different graphics so that you have 6 different cards. Laminate (each the size of an 8 1/2" by 11" page) as game cards. Then make one more sheet that is cut into individual pictures after lamination. These become the selection pieces which you put in a "Witches Bag" from which you draw. When the picture is selected and called; ( example ) "green witch," the children put a piece of candy corn on it. Covering any 4 pictures in a row, wins.

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