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Homemade Halloween Costumes

Halloween Clown Costume          


Colorful felt scraps
Thick yarn
Paper plate
Colored markers
Hole punch

Place the hemmed opening of the pillowcase at the top of the costume. Slit the hem and gather with yarn.

Cut armholes in the sides of the costume. Cut scalloped leg holes at the bottom. Cut colorful circles of felt and staple them all over the costume. Cut eyes in the paper plate for eyes, nose, and mouth. Outline the mouth and nose with red marker, the eyes with black. Add red cheeks and black tears under the eyes.

Punch a row of holes along the top of the mask. Tie short lengths of yarn through the holes, fraying the yarn to create the hair. Punch a hole in each side of the mask and add yarn ties.


Mickey & Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

2 Hard plastic saucers or 2 old 45 rpm records
or 2 cardboard circles cut to the size of saucers

Black panty hose
Black tape (electrician type)
Black leotard
White gloves
Red vest (sew on big white buttons)
or Cut down red tee shirt with white buttons painted on
White tennis shoes
Face Paint

The hardest part is making ears. Put your plates, records, or cardboard pieces inside a pair of black pantyhose, and tape the excess legs down with black tape. Then put on the black leotard with white gloves, and a red vest with big white buttons, (or a cut down T-shirt with white buttons painted on) your favorite big white tennis shoes and face paint complete the costume.

Halloween Angel Costume for Baby


1 snowsuit
Gold chenille stems (pipe cleaners to us old people)
1 Wire coat hanger
White tissue paper
Masking tape

Make a gold halo with one of the chenille pieces, and use another to hold up the halo. Use masking tape on the inside of snowsuit collar to hold the halo in place. Bend a wire coat hanger into rough wing shapes and wrap the tissue around the wire to cover. Attach "wings" to snow suite using tape, large clip, whatever you are comfy with.

Robot Halloween Costume

1 large box you can fit over you
Old dryer vent hose
Aluminum foil
Old knobs, miscellaneous small household gadgets
Metal sieve (big enough to fit your head)
Black and White face paint (makeup)

Cut dryer vent hose to make 2 arms and attach to sides of box. Cover box with aluminum foil, and use odds and ends from around the house to add "gadgets" for knobs buttons and screens, wear the old metal sieve on your head, with a black or gray stocking cap, and paint your face white with big black circles around the eyes, and a straight black line for the mouth.

Great Halloween Ghost Costume


Old, tattered clothes -- the more tattered, the better
Light colored makeup foundation, DO NOT USE color stay kind OR Baby oil or light face cream
Baby powder or talcum powder
Eyebrow pencil - navy or dark grey
Hair Spray
Spanish Moss (optional)

The face is important here: While your makeup or cream base is wet, put on the powder with a puff or facial sponge or even just a tissue. PRESS on the powder in small areas at a time. Don't rub the powder on, as it will rub off your foundation and won't stick as well. You will get a very pale effect.

Next, get an eyebrow pencil or some very dark eye shadow (charcoal grey or dark navy) and brush on around and under your eyes, in the hollows of your cheeks (just below your cheekbones), on the sides of your temples, under your chin all along the jaw line, and along the lines that run from your nose to the corners of your mouth.

Finally, sprinkle some of the powder in your hair and rub through with your hands. Fluff out with your fingertips and spray with hair spray. For an even wilder effect, lightly tease your hair with a fine-tooth comb and then spray with hairspray. If you have some old chains around the house, drape them over your shoulders and around your body. Or, for an even creepier accent, attach wisps of Spanish moss to your clothes and hair.

Halloween Dino Dinosaur Costume


Large adults green, hooded sweat shirt
2 yards of purple felt (cheap at the craft store)
Gold Christmas tree garland (length 1 1/2 times child's height)
Purple pants (child's size)
Purple Mittens
White Ghost shaped bell (craft store) optional

Cut the felt into triangles, about 1 1/2 inches per side. Staple the triangles down an old piece of rope garland from the Christmas tree until there is enough length to go from the top of child's head to the floor and be able to drag a bit as the child walks. Then staple this from the top of the hood down the center of the back of the sweatshirt, creating the body.

Staple any left over felt pieces in spots around the front of the shirt. The shirt should come down over Childs knees and be big enough to allow for a warm coat underneath.

Finish the look with purple pants and purple mittens. Add a white ghost shaped bell to the end of the tail.

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