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Ice Cream Vampire Bats Recipe

Ice Cream Vampire Bats            

4 (3 1/2 inch) soft oatmeal, cookies
4 large Scoops of chocolate ice, cream
Assorted candies for decoration, such as candy corn, licorice whips, jellybeans and fruit rolls
For the "bat's wings," Place cookies on a work surface. Cut cookies in halves. Using a teaspoon, cut a scalloped edge on the straight side of each cookie; set aside.
For the "bat's body," place a scoop of ice cream on four individual serving plates. Using a knife make 1/2" deep cut on opposite sides of each scoop of ice cream.

To assemble, insert the end of cookie half into each cut in the scoop of ice cream to form wings. Decorate ice cream with candies to create the bat's face. Use licorice whips for the ears, jelly beans for the eyes, candy corn for the fangs. Serve immediately or freeze up to two hours before serving.

Yields 4 servings.

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