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Oreo Balls Recipe


Oreo Balls                                     
Recipe Submitted By : Snixie

8 ounces cream cheese -- softened
4 cups crushed chocolate sandwich cookies (such -- as Oreos)
2 cups white chocolate chips
1 tablespoon shortening

On high speed of an electric mixer, beat cream cheese until light and fluffy. Add cookies and beat until well combined. Refrigerate 2 hours until chilled enough to roll. Roll dough into 1-inch balls.

Over double boiler, melt chips and shortening until smooth. Dip balls into mixture and thoroughly coat. Place on waxed paper to harden. Store in refrigerator.
Yield: 2-1/2 dozen.

Snixie's Notes:
 I used regular chocolate chips in place of the white chocolate chips.
These can also be made using lemon sandwich cookies and white Lindt chocolate.

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