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Journey Cake

Source:Chuck Wagon Vittles
The early colonists learned from the native Indians how to parch and mill corn, mix it with boiling water and bake it in to thin cakes. Used by pioneers, hunters and traders, it was originally called, "Journey Cake." Cowboys and their 'Cookies' on the open range, naturally adopted the corn bread (Journey Cake) recipes as a practical part of their diet. There are as many corn bread recipes as there are 'Cookies.' If you like a real hearty, Dutch oven, corn bread (as in bread) and not a cake (as in sweet and crumbly), this recipe ranks among the best. It also bakes well in a stove oven, in a 12-inch cast iron fryin pan (skillet). Cut in to 10 or 12 pieces or use a cast iron muffin or corn stick pan. This dates back to the West Texas, Keenan Klan, about 1895.

Journey Cake
Source: Ed Keenan

Put two eggs in a pan
Add two cups of fresh buttermilk. That is maybe if you can
Or substitute the sour milk mix With just a little vinegar
Be careful not to over sour Maybe just a half a jigger.
Now put two teaspoons of soda
And a half of cup of flour
Dump in two cups of corn meal
You'll eat within an hour
Two teaspoons of baking powder
And a teaspoon of salt
Then toss in a teaspoon of sugar
Or hear about the fault
Now to tease them tasty taste buds
A quarter o'cup of shortenin
But much tastier yet is bacon grease
It's a heart attack yer courtin!
First beat the eggs before you mix
Mix smooth and heat the skillet
Fill the pan about an inch and half
Be careful not to over fill it
Pour that mixture in a 12-inch pan
Be sure to grease the bottom
Figger about 25 minutes at 450
And now there you gottum!

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