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Banana Cream Brownie Squares Recipe

Banana Cream Brownie Squares

3/4 c dry roasted peanuts -- chopped
1 15 oz package brownie mix
3 med bananas
1 1/4 c cold milk
1 5.1 oz package instant vanilla pudding and pie filling
1 8 oz cont frozen whipped topping -- thawed
9 strawberries
1 square unsweetened baking chocolate

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and Chop peanuts. Prepare brownie mix according to package directions and stir in 1/2 cup of chopped peanuts. Pour into 9" square baking pan. Bake 24-27 minutes and Cool completely.

Slice 2 bananas using egg slicer and Layer over brownie. In bowl, whisk pudding mix into milk, beat until mixture just begins to thicken. Fold in 2 1/2 cups whipped topping. Quickly spread pudding mixture over sliced bananas. Refrigerate 30 minutes. Sprinkle remaining 1/4 cup peanuts over top of pudding mixture. Garnish with remaining whipped topping. To serve, cut into squares and pipe with whipped topping. Grate chocolate over dessert. Slice remaining banana and strawberries. Top each square with banana and strawberry slices.



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