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Fish In Puff Pastry  Recipe

Fish In Puff Pastry                

4 cod or any white fish fillets
1 recipe white sauce
Parmesan cheese
1 egg, beaten with 1 Tbsp. water
1 sheet Pepperidge Farm frozen puff pastry
Knorr Swiss seasonings
2 packages fresh chopped spinach

Thaw pastry in 20 minutes. Unfold and cut in quarter and roll 1-inch larger than fish. Make white sauce a little thicker than usual. Cook spinach and drain well. Mix into white sauce and a good sprinkle of Knorr seasoning. Put fillet in each pastry square. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and seasonings. Add creamed spinach to cover fish and more seasoning and cheese. Brush edges of pastry with egg mixture. Fold pastry over to enclose. Press edges with tines of fork to seal. Brush top and place on ungreased baking sheet 30 minutes in preheated 375 degrees oven, until brown.

Serve immediately.

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