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Basic Turkey Carving


Basic Turkey Carving             

Step 1:
Removing the thigh, drumstick & wings Hold the drumstick and pull it away from the body. Slice through the skin to the joint where the leg meets the backbone. Cut through the joint, pressing the leg away from the body with the side of the knife. When the leg is freed, cut through the drumstick-thigh joint. If desired, cut these pieces into slices, running the knife parallel to the bone. To cut the wings off, follow the same type of procedures, always cutting through the joint.

Step 2:
Carving the breast Make a long slit across the base of the breast, parallel to the wing, all the way to the rib cage. Cut thin slices vertically across the breast. If done properly, the horizontal cut you made at the base will allow these slices to fall off gently as you progress through the breast.

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