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10 Pointers For a Successful Dinner Party


10 Party Pointers
Posted by: Bev Fri, 27 Aug 2004, at 8:04 a.m.
10 party pointers

_1 Plan your menu and review recipes a week or two before party time. Make a general grocery list. Go ahead and shop for specialty items such as wine, crackers, and cheeses.

2 Organize in advance. Plan your table settings, serving dishes, and decorations. Borrow or buy if needed.

3 Serve appetizers in the kitchen; that's where guests tend to gather initially.

4 Set up a beverage station near the kitchen so it will be convenient to replenish ice, frozen drinks, and glassware.

5 Open wine before guests arrive. Briefly chill white wine. Prepare coffee for brewing, but wait until dinner plates are cleared to brew it. Have a sugar substitute on hand.

6 Make it easy on yourself. Serve as many room temperature dishes as possible. Choose recipes you
can prepare ahead.

7 Have an empty dishwasher when the evening begins. Check your supply of kitchen garbage bags.

8 Use different rooms for different courses. Serve one course outside if weather permits.

9 Gather a good stack of CDs for the evening and place them near CD player. Ask your spouse or a close friend to be in charge of music.

10 Indulge your guests. There's no such thing as too many sweets. If you offer one decadent homemade dessert, have another simple option, such as store-bought specialty cookies or dessert cheese and nuts.

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