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Picnic Tips

When you're traveling and toting cold food, be sure to carry it in an insualted cooler. Wait until just before leaving home to pack your cooler and make sure you have plenty of ice or ice packs to surround your perishable foods
 Take two coolers, one for drinks, the other for perishable foods. That way warm air won't get into the perishables each time someone reaches for a drink.

Wash hands before and after handling food. Soap and hot water are ideal, but bring along a jug of water and paper towels, just in case there are none available at the picnic site. Disposable moist towelettes are an easy-to-carry option, too.

Once at the picnic site, keep the tightly closed coolers in a shady spot and not in the truck of the car. Add ice often to the cooler, draining off the water as the ice melts.

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