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Back to School Lunches

For Sandwiches: Try different breads: pita, english muffins, tortilla wraps, biscuits or even bagels. Traditional bread sandwich makers try freezing the bread before applying the spread, this makes it easier to spread and keeps the fillings cool while in the lunchbox. To make a traditional sandwich fun, use cookie cutters to change the shape. Use crackers and let your kids create their own homemade lunchables.

Try Different Spreads: Jazz up mayonnaise with fresh herbs, spices, pesto, hot sauce, or ketchup. For different flavors use hummus, black bean spread, refried beans; use flavored cream cheese, herbs, etc. Great new mustards are available to liven up any sandwich meat.

Try Different Fillings: Olives, pickles, grated or chopped carrots, celery and fennel, bean or alfalfa sprouts are some favorites. Use different types of leafy greens - try spinach, arugla and mixed salads. Use a cookie cutter for meat and cheeses.

Non-Sandwich Lunch: Cold pizza - using bagels or english muffins, toast them first, add sauce, cheese and any toppings and cook in the oven until hot and melted. Let cool and wrap.

Use either a plastic ice cube tray, cut in half or those plastic egg crates that campers use and fill with different small bites like dried fruits, cubed or sliced meat, nuts, crackers. Use your imagination and create a mini lunchroom buffet.

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