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Turkey Tips    

Questions about the turkey need not add stress to holiday preparations; you have many options.

Turkey is sold in a range of sizes, 5 to 8 pound fryer roasters, 8 to 16 pound female turkeys, or hens, and 8 to 25 pound (or more) male turkeys, or toms. Higher priced free range turkeys are also available.

If your family prefers white meat, you can buy a large turkey breast to debone and stuff. While just as tasty as white meat cooked on the whole bird, it is easier to carve.

Should you buy a fresh or frozen turkey? While there is no substitute for the flavor of fresh turkeys, they are a bit more expensive and should not be bought too far in advance. Availability and price favor frozen birds, but there is all that thawing time.

Finally, should you truss and stuff? Trussing helps to hold the stuffing and keeps the wings and legs close to the body making them less likely to overcook or burn.

Stuffing adds to the turkey's cooking time, and so there is a greater likelihood the breast will become dry. Additionally, if the stuffing is undercooked, it will harbor harmful bacteria. It may be less worrisome to cook the stuffing separately.

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