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Rolled Pasta Pancetta

8 oz Dried Penne or Farfalle
1 tb Salt
3 tb Olive oil
4 Shallots, chopped
2 oz Pancetta (Italian Bacon), diced
1 Head Radicchio (or 1 lb. Belgian Endive) sliced into thin strips to yield 2 cups
2 tb Unsalted butter, cut into small pieces
1/4 c Grated Parmesan Cheese
1 tb Balsamic Vinegar
Salt and fresh ground Pepper

1. Bring 3 quarts water to a boil in a large pot. Add salt, then the dried pasta. Cook till "al dente" (8-10 min.).
2. Meanwhile, in a skillet, heat the olive oil with the shallots and pancetta until the shallots have softened and pancetta begins to crisp. Add radicchio and saute until it wilts.
3. Scrape contents of skillet into a bowl. Toss to combine ingredients, season with salt and pepper to taste and serve.


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