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Mai's Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe

Mai's Fresh Strawberry Pie          

Mai's Strawberry Pie is truly the best I have ever eaten. Living on the central coast of California we grow strawberries almost year round. I have made this pie for friends and family to rave reviews. It's a hit every time.                           

8-in. pie shell baked & cooled** OR you can use pre-made crumb shell
1 pt. large fresh ripe strawberries, washed, capped, well drained

1 cup sugar
1 cup 7up ( I used Squirt )
5 tbsp. arrow root or cornstarch
1/8 tsp. salt
1 tsp. red food coloring
juice from 1/2 lemon
4 tbsp cranberry Jell-O

Place strawberries in pie shell with flat side down. ** If using pre-made crumb pie crust, melt 1/3 cup chocolate morsels per pie; with small slanted cake spatula, spread a thin coat of chocolate in bottom only, of pie shell. Apply chocolate in a circular motion making sure you cover the complete bottom of shell. This prevents the crumb
crust from breaking up when you slice the pie. When using a chocolate crumb crust I use white chocolate chips for the coating.

Mix & bring to boil all ingredients except cornstarch or arrow root. Add cornstarch or arrow root after mixture reaches boil. Cook 'til thick. Remove from heat & stir in the Jell-O. Stir until dissolved. Let cool.
Spoon glaze over fresh strawberries in pie shell. Completely cool then chill in refrigerator overnight.

Decorate the outer edge of the pie with whipped cream or cool whip.

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