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Grandma Abby's Frosted Lemon Pie Recipe

Grandma Abby's Frosted Lemon Pie       

This is an old recipe from my Grandmothers recipe collection. It is a double crusted lemon pie with this sweet dried powder sugar top. My Mom said that she use to make it for her when she was a little girl and of course Mom made it for us kids and so on down the line. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have over the years.

2 Lemons
2 Cups Sugar
tsp. Salt
4 eggs
Top and Bottom pastry crust
Powder Sugar

You will need two teaspoons of grated lemon peal. After grating lemons for their peal pare them and dispose of the membrane. Cut the lemons into thin slices. Place lemon slices in a bowl with the lemon peal, sugar, salt and set aside.

Heat JYB oven to 425 degrees
Get pie shells ready ( make your own or use pre-made ) Grandma made her own not me.
Beat the eggs until frothy and pour over lemon slices and sugar mixture. Pour into pie shell and cover with the top crust and flute the edges. Bake for 45 to 50 minutes but watch it very close that the edges don't burn before the pie is done. If over browning occurs cover pie edges with aluminum foil and return to the over. Just watch it close.

Take a small bowl of powder sugar and add a few drops of milk to thin it to almost like a sauce consistency. With a pasty brush the top of the pie with the frosting several times and let dry.

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