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Mandarin Cranberry Salad Recipe

Mandarin Cranberry  Salad                  

2 cups boiling water
1-4serving lemon jell-o
1/2cup miracle whip
2 cups thawed cool whip
1-4 serving red jell-o cranberry is nice
1 can whole-berry cranberry sauce
1-11oz can mandarin oranges-drained

Stir 1 cup boiling water into lemon jell-o and cool. add lemon jell-o gradually to miracle whip and then fold in whipped topping. pour into a greased 2 quart mold-or a clear bowl, refrigerate until almost set. stir remaining 1 cup boiling water into red jell-o, gently stir in cranberry sauce and oranges. Pour over molded layer. let set and un-mold, garnish with mint leaves and cranberries. if i make this in a clear bowl i just serve it that way. it still looks pretty and it's much easier to take to someone's house. people who don't like cranberry sauce frequently like this-and my friends and family love it.

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