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My Mom's Corn Bread Stuffing
Source: Ione Lambert

When I started cooking I remember questioning my Mother about stuffing the turkey the night before, like she had always done. She told me She had been making it that way all her life and she never killed anyone yet. Well I figured she had a point and I have been doing the same for at least thirty years and Mom was right I never killed anyone either. Just thought I would pass this info on because it is a huge time saver to get your turkey ready the night before.

2 bags corn bread stuffing
1 c. chopped onions ( fine )
1 c. celery -chopped fine
3 Chopped hard boiled eggs
1 can black olives sliced ( save the liquid from the olives )
Salt & Pepper
poultry seasoning

Pour the corn bread in large bowl. After vegetables are chopped fine, add in bowl with bread mixture. Slice the olives and chopped eggs and add to the bowl.

Use the liquid from the olives to moisten the dressing. It should be moist enough to hold it's shape when a handful is squeezed but ( not soggy ). Season with salt, pepper and poultry season to taste.

At this point you can go ahead and stuff your turkey. You can even stuff it the night before because the dressing is not cooked.

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