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Chyrel's Stuffed Bell Peppers

1 LB leftover roast beef ( from the night before )
1 small onion diced
4 Bell Peppers with the tops cut off and hollowed out inside.
4 Lg. russet potatoes
3/4 tbs. garlic salt
Black pepper
Season it up as if you would any good roast beef hash to your taste.

Par Boil the bell pepper cups for two minutes to soften and set aside. Brown cooked cubed beef and potato in a little oil. What you are doing is making a hash to stuff the peppers with. Add garlic salt, black pepper, onion, cook until onions are soft. Place the bell pepper cups in a casserole dish and stuff the peppers. Use the remaining hash mixture to surround the peppers. Pour any leftover gravy over the dish and cook for 30 minutes on 375. You can also use a jar of gravy.

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