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Wayne Riley


Lemon Cake Additions
(Use Duncan Hines pound cake recipe on side of package.)
When you make the lemon cake and do it like me, I do like it said on the package, but I grate a lemon real fine
in the batter (the rind) and if you have an extra lemon or a lot of juice you can put a squirt of juice in it too,
but not so much that it will make the batter too thin. I let it cool like it said on the box, and then make a glaze
that I use lemon juice in with the powdered sugar. I put some on while it is still warm and spread it, and then when
it cools a little, I scrape up the run-off, put it in with the other, and drizzle it on there.
That is all the secret I have.

(A little lemon rind could also be added to the glaze for more flavor.)

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