Chyrel's Recipes From Friends
Recipes Collected By Our Dear Friend
Wayne Riley


Cinnamon Sugar Tacos
Buy some refrigerated flour tacos.
Brush them with melted butter or margarine with a pastry brush.
Stick the taco in about a dozen pieces with a fork so it won't bubble when you bake it.
Mix some cinnamon together with some sugar to your taste.
(Maybe 1/2 - 1 tsp. cinnamon to 6 tbsp. sugar.
Make more if necessary to make all the tacos in the package.)
Sprinkle it on the tacos over the butter or margarine.
(You can probably only fit about two tacos on a very large baking sheet.)
Bake at 325 for about 15-20 minutes or so, or until golden brown and crisp.
Break up in pieces when cool.

Easy huh? But goooood!
(My own note---I add a tsp. of honey and mix it with the melted butter. Adds a nice glazed look.)

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Recipes From Friends
 Copyright 2004

This is a collection of recipes that Wayne enjoyed, we make no claims as to their origin.