Baked Empanadas Surprise Cocktail Meatballs Sausage Stuffed Prawns
Crispy Baked Ravioli B.L.T Focaccia Squares Cheese N' Chutney Wraps
New York Prosciutto Squares B.L.T. Spread Sedona Appetizer Bites
Italian Nachos Ham & Swiss Bites Spicy Corn Fritters
Shrimp Mousse Dip Mini Pizza Appetizers Deviled Clam Mushrooms
Salmon-Cucumber-Dill- Cream Napoleons Ham Phyllo Roll W/Cranberry Sauce Sausage & Cheese Crescent Squares
Ruben In A Round Cocktail Crunch Onion Cheese Puffs
Roast Beef and Radish Spread Melissa's  Chili Cheese Cake Cashew, Corn & Cherry Crunch
Margaritaville Shrimp Cocktail Artichoke Bites Blue Bell Inn Seafood Tartlets
Oysters Annapolis Filled Cocktail Scones Ritz Bitz Munchies
Blue Cheese & Toasted Pecan Spread Grapes W/ Gorgonzola And Pecans Bacon In Cheese Crescent Wontons
Artichoke Bagel Bites Stilton and Bacon Puffs Cheese Fondue
Crispy Garlic Rib Appetizers Crusty Chicken Littles Appetizers Mozzarella Sticks
Five-Spice Shrimp Puffs Beef And Cheese Pinwheels Parchment Chicken
Wild Poke Salad Dip Greek Quesadillas Wasabi Sesame Grilled Chicken Wings
Chiles n Chicken con Queso Ham-It-Up Crescent Snacks Pepperoni Roll-Up Sticks
Fresh Vegetable Swirls Cheesy Mushroom Bundles Swiss and Bacon Dip
Mexican Snack Squares Mushroom Crostini Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
Oven Baked Spring Rolls Hot Seven Layer Dip Easy Crispy Taco Turnovers
  Nine Layer Mediterranean Spread