Firehouse Recipes

A cooking resource for a special Firefighter

Michael Lambert

Message To Mike Easy Alfredo Sauce Uptown 29's Baby Back Pork Ribs
Salisbury Steaks Shrimp Scampi Firemen Style Chicken Marbella
Coca-Cola Chicken Firehouse Stew Fire Department Stuffed Shells
Pork Chops And Gravy Firehouse Meatloaf Engine 29 Chum-Bucket Chicken Chili
Sausage Gravy Firefighters' Wild Rice Casserole Shrimp in Cajun Cream Sauce
Firehouse Bubble Pizza Teriyaki T-Bone Steaks Fresh Salmon Cakes
Yummy Chicken Roasted Garlic Turkey Thighs Pepper Roasted Chicken Enchiladas
Firehouse Lasagna Chicken Picata Firemanís Deviled Crabby Patties
Baked Potato Soup Fireman's Stew Fire Station Chili Rellenos Casserole
Firehouse Flap-Jacks Hobo Bread Firehouse Popcorn
Dawgs Stuffed Tuna Pita's Mexican Cornbread Cranberry Carrots
Firehouse Peanut Butter Cookies Simple Pasta Salad Scalloped Potatoes
Firemen Cookies Firehouse Slaw Italian Zucchini
Apple Crisp One Pan Cherry Swirl Cake Fireman's Pay Day Pie
Dump Cobbler Streusel Topped Apple Pie Tri-Tip Durango Style
Station 1 Taco Salad Lincoln Fire Loaf Heart Attack Potatoes
Engine 8 Sloppy Joe's Oven Baked Omelet Southern Style Potato Salad