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Weight Watchers Caramel Pie Recipe

WW: Caramel Pie
Points: 7

1(14-ounce)can fat-free sweetened condensed milk
1(6-ounce)package reduced-fat graham cracker crust
1(8-ounce) container frozen reduced-calorie whipped topping,thawed
1(1.4-ounce)milk chocolate-crisp butter toffee candy bar(such as
Skor),coarsely chopped

1.Pour milk into a 2-cup glass measure;cover with foil. Place in a 3- to
4-quart electric slow cooker. Add very hot water to slow cooker to reach
level of milk in measure. Cover slow cooker with lid;cook on low-heat
setting 9 hours(milk should be the color of caramel).

2.Pour caramelized milk into crust;let cool. Spread whipped topping over
pie, and sprinkle with chopped candy bar.

Yeild: 8 servings. Points: 7



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